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Nearby 18-hole courses
Neighbouring 18-hole courses
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  Link   Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club, Paczoltowice
A 18-hole golfcourse in Paczoltowice near Krzeszowice.
  Link   Rosa Golf Club, Konopiska
Creme de la creme of polish golf courses. A unique experience is guaranteed if you spare a day to come and play there.
  Link   Toya Golf Club, Wroclaw
18-hole golfcourse in Silesia
  Link   Park Golf Club TJ Nova Hut, Ostrava, CZECH REP.
Very charming parkland-type golf course located very close to the polish border.
  Link   Golfovy Klub Tale, Tale, SLOVAKIA
The first 18-hole golf course in Slovakia. Stunningly beautiful, yet very demanding. A must-see for anyone visiting central Europe.
  Link   Lomnicky Golfovy Klub, Velka Lomnica, SLOVAKIA
Yet another slovak 18-hole golf course, located beautifully in a vicinity of Tatra mountains.